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Download Real Estate Site Management System Project Synopsis
This project is provided with source code so you can make changes as per your requirement.
Prodcut Code : 1058
Prodcut Description :
Prodcut Category : VB PRO
Prodcut Price : Mini Project 1000 Rs. Major Project 3000 Rs.
Stock Available : Yes
Prodcut Description : This project is developed using Visual Basic 6.0 as front end and MSAccess as backend. This project is developed based on general concept, it is having approximately 10+ forms and Four or more Reports. This project can be convertible to different backends such as Oracle, Sql Server, MySql etc., If the conversion is required we will do it for you with additional cost. The basic documentation of this project is also available along with this project. Useful project for freshers to gain an experience, it also helpful for students to do their academic projects.
Stock Available : Yes
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Project Available in : Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .net, Visual Basic 2005 2008

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